Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Want an easy Easter recipe for desert your kids will love? Feed them "Dirt".

Want an easy Easter desert recipe your kids will love? Feed them "Dirt".

Before you start looking up the phone number for Child Protective Services, read on.  Not only will your kid love it, but your big kid (husband) will love it too. 
The first time I ever was served "dirt" was at Christian Acres Church Camp.  At dinner one night, the desert table, was lined with gutters filled with dirt for desert.  It was fantastic.  I've never forgotten it, and never fixed it until tonight. 
My sons school is having an Easter Party tomorrow and I wanted to bring something different, fun, and well, that would move me up on the favorite-snack-bringer scale.  I'm at the bottom right now.  I try to bring healthy snacks and drinks on my son's snack day.  One day, I brought Gluten free chocolate crispy rice bars, organic fruit twists along with fruit/veggie juice boxes.  When I picked him up from school, I asked him if everyone liked the snacks I brought.  He said, "not exactly, except the fruit twists." Great. This is my ace in the hole, I hope!


1 package chocolate pudding
Regular Oreo Cookies
Gummy worms
Speckled Peanut butter M&M's
4 plastic cups (or a tin-foil bread pan)

Fix the pudding according to package directions
Put Oreo cookies in a zip lock bag and crush with a meat tenderizer (flat side)
Put 1/2 cup pudding in cup
Sprinkle 2 tablespoons crushed cookies over top
Put gummy worm into the pudding and leave 1/2 laying on top of the Oreo cookies
Place two speckled "eggs" beside the gummy worm

I use the Cook and Serve pudding, I think it just has a better taste than the instant.

Serve with a smile.