Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mississippi Kitchen: Cranberry-Orange Butter

Mississippi Kitchen: Cranberry-Orange Butter

I made a batch of this tonight to take to my friends New Year dinner.  I put it on the table with the deserts and later found it had been moved to the kitchen table where everyone was gathering.  My friend John asked me what it was, and exclaimed how delicious it is.  I told him it was Cranberry-Orange butter.  All eyes got very big, then lots of laughter amid explanations that they had been eating it with a spoon it was so good!  They did not realize it was butter.  It really is THAT good!  Thanks again for the recipe, "Lories Mississippi Kitchen."

Another winner of a recipe my sister found.  This sounds delish, and since I have cranberry, and butter, looks like I'm picking up Orange marmalade at the store tomorrow.  I am serious when I say, these food blogs are making me gain weight!  All these fantastic recipes! 

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