Friday, October 2, 2015

I've been gone a while......

I'm sure we can all relate, life took over.  That's not a bad thing though. I had a bad experience with a website that stole my most popular recipe.  They put it in a cook book and are selling it for their own profit.  That really discouraged me.  This website, "Just a Pinch" stated in their privacy that making cook books for profit from submitted recipes was against the website rules.  As it should be.  Later I get a notification that they have compiled a cook book with recipes posted on their website.  They shared a link where I could purchase it.  What!!!  I contacted them, and basically the website rules don't apply to them.  Not only did they publish my Grandmothers Jello Salad recipe in one cook book, they put it in 4.  They are now profiting off of my Grandmother's very own recipe.  It was so discouraging that I kind of stepped back. How disheartening, that a website that asks you to share recipes with others and specifically says not to complile a cookbook, would be so unscrupulous.  Since then, my wonderful and sweet Grandma has passed on.  She died this past January at the age of 90.  I love her more than anything, and this has been very hard.  If she taught me anything,  she taught me to be tough.  She would be upset with me if she knew I quit blogging because of some bad eggs.  So, I'm planning a comeback.  I don't know how some people can make a living by it, sure wish I could though.  Until then, I will blog as much as I can.  I have some really good recipes to share with everyone.  I'm so happy with all the views, my blog has had.  Thank you all for your support!  In celebration of my return, I am going to re-post my most popular blog, you guessed it, "Grandma's Jello Salad".  The repost will follow this short blog.  Don't forget, you can use different flavor combinations of jello, fruit, and marshmallows.  The cheese really does make it, please try it at least once.  I may be making some tomorrow.  Right now, I'm heading off to bed.  Good night world!  Hey Paw is back!
  Up next.................a recipe for Crab Apples.  That's right, Crab Apples!!! You won't believe how good these are!  Coming in the next few days!!! See you then!

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